Pictures from “Two Weeks” Press Conference – 31 July 2013

Lee Jun Ki, Kim So Yeon, Park Ha Sun, Ryu Soo Young, Jo Min Ki, Kim Hye Ok, child actress Lee Chae Mi and PD Son Hyung Suk attended “Two Weeks” press conference today. A thriller melodrama about a man who lives a meaningless life after he’s  being framed for a murder. Things changed after he found out he has a dying daughter who suffers from leukemia and he only has two weeks to save her.

Two Week premieres next Wednesday on MBC, it follows The Queen’s Classroom.


Two_Weeks_PressConf_bc1 Two_Weeks_PressConf_bc1-1


Lee Jun Ki (Jang Tae San)



Kim So Yeon (Prosecutor Park Jae Kyung) who’s in charge of Tae San’s case but will end up trying to prove his innocence


Park Ha Sun (Seo In Hye)


Lee Jun Ki (Jang Tae San) and Park Ha Sun (Seo In Hye) [Tae San’s first love]


The family who’re reunited after 8 years living separate lives – Lee Jun Ki (Jang Tae San) and Park Ha Sun (Seo In Hye) and their daughter Lee Chae Mi (Seo Soo Jin)




Ryu Soo Young (Detective Im Sang Goo) who will fall in love with Park Ha Sun’s character



Kim Hye Ok (Jo Seo Hee)


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