Uhm Tae Woong and his wife welcome their first daughter


Uhm Tae Woong‘s wife Yoon Hye Jin gave birth naturally to a 3kg baby girl in a hospital in Gangnam yesterday afternoon. Both mother and daughter are healthy. The couple who married in 9 January 2013 are beaming with joy with the arrival of their first daughter.

I think it was early this month when I saw the latest Uhm Tae Woong’s interview (his interview for his upcoming period drama Blade & Petals) and he mentioned that his wife’s 8 months pregnant. So maybe the baby girl couldn’t wait to enter the world and to spend some precious time with her appa before he’ll be extremely busy with his drama & 1n2d filming =)

Congratulations Uhm Tae Woong, Yoon Hye Jin and their whole family! Hope the little girl will bring plenty of joy to this family, grow up healthily and beautifully like her beautiful mother.

Pic cr: Nate & Sim Entertainment


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