W-Two Worlds First Impressions

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Has it ever crossed your mind that your favorite comic character might be living in the parallel world of the world we’re living? Is it possible there could be two different yet concurrent worlds? W-Two Worlds takes us to these two worlds where a comic character crosses path with the daughter of the writer who created him. Real world meeting fictional world? Sounds refreshingly unique? It is indeed!

Han Hyo Joo chose this drama as her drama comeback in 6 years, teaming up with Lee Jong Suk who has great eyes for a great drama & respected senior actor Kim Ui Sung, scriptwriter Song Jae Jung who penned masterpiece tvN drama Queen In Hyun’s Man & Nine, PD Jung Dae Yoon (Arang, She Was Pretty, etc) & music director Park Seung Il who impressed the viewers with evocative, stunningly beautiful music, instrumentals & background sounds in tvN drama Signal. Supporting actors Lee Tae Hwan, Jung Yoo Jin, Lee Shi Un, Kang Ki Young, Park Won Sang, Cha Kwang Soo are all pretty good actors so this drama has everything from solid acting, great cinematography & music + a gripping plot that keeps us on the edge of our seat. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact genre of this drama because it’s a combination of a fantasy / melo / suspense / romance / medical drama! One word of warning: do not watch this drama before you go to bed or when you eat – there’re plenty of suspense & blood and this mysterious hand dragging you to the world you’ve never seen before – the ‘W’ world. 
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Note: this post contains episode 1 & 2 spoiler


South Korea’s famous comic writer Oh Seung Moo (Kim Ui Sung) created olympic gold medalist shooter Kang Chul (Lee Jong Suk) but after 10 long years, he crazily wants to kill this beloved character who’s wrongly accused of killing his whole family and is still tirelessly looking for the real killer. Successfully overcoming his personal trauma, Kang Chul becomes a billionaire and meets with his writer’s daughter & his big fan Doctor Oh Yeon Joo (Han Hyo Joo) after he receives a mysterious call which could lead him to find the killer and she’s dragged into ‘W’ world. When she goes back to her world, he starts looking for her believing she’s the key of his existence.

Around the same time, Oh Seung Moo disappears the night before the deadline of W’s comic last chapter – but mysteriously publishes it and the comic continues. Creepily, Seung Mo insists of killing Kang Chul (after this comic character starts controlling his own destiny) while his daughter hysterically points out that it’s an attempted murder. Yeon Joo starts to appear in ‘W’ comic as one of the main character as she travels back & forth from her real world & ‘W’ world to save Kang Chul.


It totally lives up to the hype & my high expectations. The execution from acting, directing, writing and music are on-point! Music director Park Seung Il infuses more life into this drama, perfectly captures & enhances the scriptwriter & PD’s unique vision for W-Two Worlds.

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The cinematography is visually gorgeous, pleasing to our eyes. The talented artists who drew the comic strips for this drama deserve a praise too because it elevates the sleek cinematography as if we’re seeing comic book strips come alive. On episode 1, ‘W’ appears whenever the scene switches from one world to another so the viewers can easily follow where the story is going.

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Acting-wise, Kim Ui Sung & Lee Jong Suk are killing their roles. Senior actor Kim Ui Sung’s acting as a creepy comic writer who calls his own creation a monster for wanting to live is profoundly raw & brilliant. I get goosebumps whenever he appears on the screen. Lee Jong Suk owns Kang Chul as if he’s born to be this comic character, his believable acting makes us believe that he’s truly going through what Kang Chul goes through to survive & find his family’s killer. Likewise, Han Hyo Joo gives her honest vulnerable acting. I was questioning her character’s overreacting on episode 1 but after re-watching Yeon Joo’s scenes, I realized that I’d freak out too if I discover a world where my favorite comic character is alive & fighting to live ~ of course I’d do anything to help him. It’s also creepily shocking to see your own life, your personal story unfolds in the comic book!

The writing so far is very tightly gripping; episode 1 is full of suspense as the drama introduces us to the main characters and the two worlds. It definitely keeps me on edge of my seat as I didn’t even realize one hour has passed by. Episode 2 dives straight into the creepiness of writer Oh Seung Moo as his daughter is sucked deep into another world and starting her unique relationship with Kang Chul so fortunately, this episode is lighter than the pilot episode. As Han Hyo Joo mentioned, the OTP has a lot of kissing scenes and that begins on episode 2 ^^
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This drama is definitely on the right track. I’m totally hooked and can’t wait to watch the story unpredictably evolves. Highly recommended for everyone who loves suspenseful melodrama with sprinkles of comedy & romance.

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