Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo Quotes & Narration

In my humble opinion, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo is an underrated drama which deserves more love. This MBC Wednesday & Thursday drama is a youth drama about inspiring Haneol Sport of University (college) athletes who are going through ups & downs in achieving their dreams. The three main characters are: gifted weightlifter Kim Bok Joo (Lee Sung Kyung), talented swimmer Jung Joon Hyung (Nam Joo Hyuk), overachiever top-class rhythmic gymnast Song Shi Ho (Kyung Soo Jin) – Joo Hyung’s ex-girlfriend. Their struggles, their pain, their persistence to fight on even under difficult hardship, their endless courage and their strong friendship & team work remind us that winners are not quitters!

Episode 1

“How you finish is as important as how you start” -Professor Yoon-

“Work on your inner beauty!” -Kim Bok Joo-

“We can’t do anything about the people we hate” -Bok Joo’s Father-


Episode 2 When I Fall in Love with You

“Just because you are young doesn’t mean you are immature!” -Choi Sung Eun-

“Having a self-esteem can be a bad thing” -Kim Ki Suk-

“This will pass and become precious memories” -Professor Yoon-


Episode 3 Let It Go

“Do you know why you are unhappy? Because of the gap between what you want and the reality. Try to be less greedy” -Jung Joon Hyung-

“No matter how high the mountain is, it will not be as grand as your dreams. This is nothing hard! We get back up no matter how harshly we’re trampled upon” -Professor Yoon-


Episode 4 Her Double Life

“Thank you Dr Jung. What you gave me isn’t an umbrella but your kind heart” -Kim Bok Joo-

“I’d rather life a happy life than a healthy one – that’s my belief. I hope that you will live that way too. Instead of being happy for making it to the national team & winning, I hope weightlifting will make you happy… I don’t want you to give up weightlifting because you damage your body too much just to win a gold medal… If you simply love lifting that cold heavy metal, wouldn’t you be happy by simply lifting weights?” -Professor Yoon-

“You must be in good condition to take a good care of yourself” -Jung Jae Yi-


Episode 5 I am Happy because I am a Woman

“I only have one chance so I cannot waste it” -Jung Joon Hyung-

“Relationship isn’t like sports, effort (alone) doesn’t guarantee success” -Jung Joon Hyung-

“I still want to give my all and see if it makes a difference because I can only give up when I know it’s absolutely impossible” -Song Shi Ho-

“Learn to stand on your own two feet. Everyone lives their own lives. You can’t expect anyone to solve your problem” -Jung Joon Hyung-

“Get ready to turn on your signal. If you stall, you may miss your chance to change lanes” -Jung Joon Hyung-

“The process matters more than the outcome, I’m happy if you guys had fun” -Professor Yoon-

“I’m glad I didn’t give up running towards him.” -Kim Bok Joo-


Episode 6 Long Tails are either get caught or stepped on

“To me, water feels like a safe place just like my mother’s arms” -Jung Joon Hyung-

“Not focusing on the symptom when you have it, is the most effective way of overcoming it. When you feel nervous, try to think something else.” -Psychotherapist-” 

“I’m a good judge of character and I know you’ll achieve your goal because I see something very intense in your eyes” -Kim Bok Joo-


Episode 7

“When you like someone, you cannot let the feelings go easily” -Jung Nan Hee-

“Now or later, if you meet a guy whom you can be yourself around him & who loves you, date him!” -Coach Choi-

“You’re in love which can be lonely… There’s no answer in love” -Coach Choi-

“Trust is real when you trust something you cannot see. Hardship is necessary for growth.” -Professor Yoon-

“I learned a lot thanks to Dr Jeong. I have no regrets. He made me realized I’m a woman too. He taught me that a man can make my heart flutter as much as weightlifting does” -Kim Bok Joo-


Episode 8 The Wind is Blowing

“If you glue back a broken bowl, it’ll break again soon” -Soo Bin-

“I hope you will confront that matters (resentment towards your mother and your complicated emotions towards your uncle’s family) squarely. Those emotions such as gratitude, guilt or tiredness from pretending you don’t know the truth.. should burst out at least once. Only then you will be completely free from the trauma you are having” -Joon Hyung’s Psychotherapist-

“I wish the person I like will like me back” -Kim Bok Joo-

“Isn’t their last love more important to women that their first love?” -Jung Joon Hyung-


Episode 9 The Merits of a Secret Crush

“In order to make a lie true, you need seven lies. A lie produces another lie and that lie bears another lie again, I became a lying machine” -Kim Bok Joo-

“Everyone keeps a few painful wounds buried in his / her heart. If they can move on, it’s great. But even if they can’t, they still live. They become numb to the pain with time.” -Jung Joon Hyung-

“One good thing about having a crush on someone is that I get to decide when to end it” -Kim Bok Joo-

“We lift heavy lumps of metal. In that moment, we can’t help but show our veins popping out, our faces getting red, our double or triple chin and our belly fat sticking out from the belt. It’s ugly – it’s not something we want to show to the guy we like.” -Kim Bok Joo-


Episode 10 A Comma or a Period

“What’s wrong with being kind to people? The world is full of mean people who treat others badly.” -Kim Bok Joo-

“Who will love you when you’re that ashamed of yourself?” -Jung Joon Hyun-

“It’s good to love someone but you need to be loved to boost your self-esteem” -Ko Ah Young-


Episode 11 It’s the End, It’s Not the End

“There’s no such thing (she’s not my style) in love – when you fall for someone, that’s it!” -Dr Jeong-

“There’s nothing wrong with a person liking someone else” -Choi Sung Eun-

“I like you, not as a friend but as a girl.
If I don’t see you, I get curious.
If you’re depressed, it makes me sad.
If you smile, it makes me happy.
If you’re sick, I get worried.
It’s driving me crazy! It means I like you, right?” -Jung Joon Hyung-

“There is no reason for liking someone. I like you because I do. I realized I started to like you a long time ago. You are my first love” -Jung Joon Hyung-


Episode 12 Her Bucket List

“I decided not to return you, I’ll keep you!” -Kim Bok Joo-

“I think I like you too… No… I like you! I don’t know (yet) if I like you as a friend or a guy but I want you to stay by my side. I want you to keep calling my name”  -Kim Bok Joo-


Episode 13 Round Off Love and It Becomes Jealousy

“I hate guys who get jealous over little things and play hard to get just because they’re in a relationship! I can’t stand it, it’s childish.” -Kim Bok Joo-

“We matured only through sports – life seemed to be over if we didn’t stay competitive. That’s why I hung onto it without accepting it… I struggled while hanging at the edge of a cliff. But now, I can let everything go & train myself without much stress.” -Song Si Ho-

“If you keep wandering through it, you will eventually find an exit” -Dr Jeong-

“Do you think dating is a charity work? You cannot love someone by efforts, you fool!” -Ko Ah Young-


Episode 14 This Girl is Mine

“Dating is the most effective way to heal your emotions” -Psychotherapist-

“Your ideal type doesn’t always match the person you date” -Kim Bok Joo-

“You cannot force someone to fall in love” Ko Ah Young-

“You can’t be sure what will happen in life… But even if it’s scary, it’s not something that we can avoid so don’t be scared. Let’s work hard & get through the day” -Jung Joon Hyung-


Episode 15

“They say that each and every finger hurts if you bite them. You’re a finger in pain but she (your mum) is a finger in more pain. You should solve the finger in pain first but it doesn’t mean you’re not in pain” -Kim Bok Joo-

“There’s no disappointment between a mother & a son. You two just have to hug tightly and it will be over!” -Kim Bok Joo-

“Don’t worry Bok Joo, you’ll do well. You are much stronger and prettier than you think you are. You will shine brilliantly wherever you are.” -Jung Joon Hyung-


Final Episode Spring, Youth and Us Again

“Kim Bok Joo, you can do it! You are not alone right now. Many who love you are with you and cheering for you. Don’t be nervous, continue what you’ve been doing. No matter what anyone says, you will be a world champion. Kim Bok Joo, You Can Do It. It will come true. Let’s do it!” -Kim Bok Joo-

“They say that dew drops can form an ocean when they come together.” -Professor Yoon-

“Everyone spends their youthful years.
It is a time more beautiful because we are immature and a time that sparkles brightly.
We are not afraid because we have nothing to lose.
Our hearts flutter because we can have anything.
A 24 year old youth – I’m not complete yet but I’m more than perfect already” -Kim Bok Joo-



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