[Drama 2015] YongPal



Title: YongPal  용팔이 (Yong Pal Yi)
Genre: Medical, Melodrama
Episodes: 16 18
Broadcast Network: SBS
Broadcast Period: 5 August 2015 – TBA
Air Time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 22:00 KST
PD: Oh Jin Seok (Modern Farmer, Goddess of Marriage)
Writer: Jang Hyuk Rin (Reset)
Production Company: HB Entertainment

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3rd year general surgery resident Kim Tae Hyun is famously known as a life saver, a gifted surgeon at Hanshin Hospital. To pay off for his sister’s expensive weekly kidney dialysis, he secretly makes illegal house calls treating private patients regardless of their backgrounds (wealthy, criminals, etc) as long as the pay is good. Humanitarianism is not on his dictionary. He crosses path with Hansin hospital’s chaebol heiress Han Yeo Jin who’s in a coma making a very slow recovery in the VIP room of Hansin Hospital’s 12th Floor. Her half-brother Hansin hospital’s chairman Han Do Joon mysteriously put her into a deep coma to achieve his wicked ambition. After Yeo Jin wakes up, she her plots revenge.




Joo Won as Kim Tae Hyun
Kim Tae Hee as Han Yeo Jin
Jo Hyun Jae as Han Do Joon (Yeo Jin’s brother)
Chae Jung Ah as Lee Chae Young (Do Joon’s wife)

Hanshin Hospital 12th Floor

Jung Woong In as Chief Surgeon Lee
Bae Hye Sun as Nurse Hwang
Stephanie Lee as Shin Sa A

Hanshin Hospital

Jo Bok Rae as Park Tae Yong
Cha Soon Bae as Chief General Surgeon Shin
Oh Na Ra as Head Nurse
Kim Mi Kyung as Head Nurse
Park Pal Young as Hospital Director

People around Kim Tae Hyun

Song Kyung Chul as Doo Chul
An Se Ha as loanshark Man Sik
Park Hye Soo as Kim So Hyun
Do Yong Gu as Kim Tae Hyun’s Dad
Kim Na Woon as Kim Tae Hyun’s Mom

Yoo Seung Mok as Detective Lee Hyeong Sa


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