Yoo Ah In is positively considering JTBC romance drama “Secret Love Affair”


Words can’t describe how happy I am that Yoo Ah In will (most likely) make his drama comeback with the lovely gorgeous talented Kim Hee Ae. Visually, they’re gorgeous couple. I rarely ship any OTP (prefer to ship real-life couples haha), but I think I’ll ship this OTP so much. Kim Hee Ae is married and has two sons. She has a great chemistry with Lee Seung Gi (he’s 20 years younger than KHE) in variety show Noonas Over Flowers, so it’ll be fun watching her on-screen chemistry with 19 years younger Yoo Ah In.

“Secret Love Affair”  is a noona-romance melodrama, a secret & passionate love between a woman in her forties and a man in his twenties. I’m glad they chose the actors who’re in her forties & his twenties, it’ll make this drama more believable. It’s going to be interesting to see how the writer will handle the issues about the 20 years age gap romance, especially when the woman is the older one. How she will deal with the society after her “secret” relationship is “revealed” and how the hero will protect his “woman” against their family & the public’s judgmental harsh treatment & opinions.

Written and directed by PD & Writer of A Wife’s Credential, Secret Love Affair premieres in March 2014. It follows Could We Love.

Update: the confirmation is in! He’s confirmed to make his small screen comeback on JTBC Mondays-Tuesdays drama “Secret Love Affair”

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