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Yoon Mi Rae to release a soundtrack for The Master’s Sun


A brand new The Master’s Sun OST was first played during Kang Woo’s brave confession at the end of episode 5. After this episode ended, the viewers went to the drama’s notice board and SNS accounts, requesting this OST to be released as soon as possible.

This new OST (Kang Woo & Gong Shil romantic candy’s soundtrack) will be released next Wednesday (28 August 2013). Yoon Mi Rae sang this beautiful ballad OST “Touch Love”, which indicates the start of a love triangle melodrama between Kang Woo, Gong Shil and Joong Won.

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3 Responses to “Yoon Mi Rae to release a soundtrack for The Master’s Sun”

  1. mello says:

    Waa, Yoon mi rae is releasing some new stuff!! :)

    OK, she sings on a sad drama ballad but I’m glad anyway. The song isn’t bad!

  2. Dolores says:

    I Love this song!!! It is a sad song but so so sweet. The song is perfect for this drama. I hope Yoon Mi Rae bring out more good material. I’ve heard her sing ballads before and she is good….She is a beautiful person too.

  3. So ji Sub :) says:

    l admire the song!!! A great drama..Players only love me So Ji Sub is already great ^_^ I wish you continued success in the series..Fighting! ^_^ >.<
    Jang geun suk Saranghae.! :)
    So ji Sub saranghaeee :)!!

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