You From Another Star Episode 1 Brief Recap

YWCFTS lead the Wednesdays-Thursdays timeslot with 15.6% and although many said that this drama got a head-up because of The Heirs which ended its run last week with >20%, but I believe the viewers watched this drama because of Jun Ji Hyun’s comeback to the small screen + combo Jun Ji Hyun & Kim Soo Hyun as well as Park Hae Jin & Yoo In Na. And of course many are interested with the unique fantasy rom-com drama about a 400 year old alien who falls in love witha  stubborn Hallyu star.

You From Another Star (You Who Came From The Stars) pilot episode is very enjoyable, the story is moving along nicely – the writer has already revealed one big secret on episode 1 and it heightens up my curiosity.

Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun’s chemistry is electrifying, so far everyone’s acting is solid, with Kim Soo Hyun & Jun Ji Hyun leading the pack of the talented actors & actresses. The CG could’ve been improved, but the rest of the cinematography is visually stunning.

You From Another Star Episode 1 Brief Recap

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Do Min Joon’s (Kim Soo Hyun) came from planet KMT 184.05 and landed on the Earth in 1609.

When he arrives, his “UFO” causes a havoc to a group of people who’re escorting their 15yo lady who sadly has just lost her husband before her marriage. The wild wind from the UFO throws everyone’s around, the lady’s carriage is left hanging over a cliff and it loses the fight with the gust, descending down to the river.

Then, our hero arrives… The time freezes as he walks slowly to the cliff…

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He pulls the carriage back to the land and stretches his hand to save this very frightened lady.

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Min Joon now has been living on the Earth for over 400 years. He’s adjusted to the Earth’s air, water, food, etc.

He has a very simple perspective about life: if it’s supposed to happen, it will happen – it is fate. He doesn’t want to get involved with other people’s lives – or making any friends . When everyone else’s growing old, he’ll stay the same. Handsome & young.

As he can’t mix his saliva with human’s saliva, so he always eats alone.

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But thankfully, after waiting for 400 years, a comet will come in three months and he’ll be able to return back to his planet. A new fate begins now…

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His new fate will involve… Hallyu Star Cheon Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun) who’s obsessed with her SNS. She loves taking selcas and post them on her SNS account. Unfortunately, she usually posts ignorant tweets. Her agency is fed up with her action but can’t do anything beside talking behind her back because she’s their breadwinner.

Later that day, Song Yi moves in to a new apartment. There, she meets with Min Joon who’s coincidentally lives at the same apartment building.

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Min Joon is as cold as a stone. Because he didn’t press the floor he’s going to; Song Yi accuses him as her stalker. She keeps asking questions such as “how did he know she moved, do you want her autograph, etc.”

When she realizes he’s her neighbor, she apologizes sarcastically – wondering if he doesn’t know her. Nobody in the whole country doesn’t know Song Yi, is he an alien?

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Song Yi really loves reading the netizens’ comments although their malicious comments really hurt her feeling.

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She doesn’t have a great relationship with her gold-digger mother who married her father for the sake of money and dumped him after he got broke. Her mother believes Song Yi should thanks her because she got her looks from her mom, but Song Yi doesn’t think so. She also dislikes her mother who keeps asking money from her.

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Song Yi’s brother prefer to spend his spare time at the internet cafe; I think nobody knows that he’s Song Yi’s brother. But when her friends make fun of his sister, photoshopping her picture – he gets really mad.

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Min Joon has a super sensitive hearing, he wakes up just because of a dripping tap.

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Things get worse when his new neighbor screams her lungs out at night, singing out-of-tune song – so he asks her to be quiet otherwise he’ll call the police. Song Yi breaks down in front of him. She had a really bad day today, people were criticizing her and now he’s also criticizing her just because she sang (quite) loudly when she’s trying to release her stress. So please, don’t criticize her anymore. And don’t even apologize to her. She doesn’t want to talk to him now.

Back in her apartment, she cries her heart out. How can people chew up a person like they chew their gums?

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Min Joon can hears her cries from his apartment. He can’t go back to sleep – so he goes to his huge library (which is very impressive as it has so many books from Joseon era – modern era plus all his achievements & colleges certificates). He writes on his diary – this is going to be his record of the last 3 months living on the Earth.

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Supporting actress Se Mi (Yoo In Na) knows that in order to survive in this very competitive & challenging entertainment industry, she has to follow her director’s order although it seems very unfair. She’s been on stand-by since early morning, waiting for hours and yet, the main actors still haven’t arrived at the filming site.

 photo YWCFTS1_bc30_zpsda6ac8af.jpg

One of them (Song Yi) is now dealing with the uproar that she’s been using her celebrity status to gain entry to a university / college and not fulfilling her duties as a student. She’s been skipping classes citing her busy schedules, but she still has time to upload pictures on her SNS. Her agency suggests her to stop reading netizens’ comments and start going to her classes.

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Lee Jae Kyung (Park Hae Jin) who always openly expresses his feeling to Song Yi – just returned from overseas and is taking her to school.  On the way there, he’s asking her to marry him. Song Yi believes once she’s married, she won’t be able to act in passionate melodrama anymore and she’ll only get scripts for ahjumma dramas. Jae Kyung looks a bit jealous, because it’s a passionate one, but who likes to act & watch a lukewarm melo? He pretends he’ll be fine with it, he’ll be able to differentiate between acting & reality.

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When she arrives at school, massive swarm of reporters & fans greet Song Yi with their cameras. It’s so crowded that her manager & stylist are too overwhelmed, Jae Kyung has to step up and act as her bodyguard. In the class, while the male students are adoring her beauty; the female students believe she had a plastic surgery on her nose.

The class finally starts… And… the teacher is none other than…

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Min Joon! It looks to be a very interesting subject, about flies. A very hard one too. Song Yi is very sleepy – she keeps yawning while the rest of the class are paying attention to their handsome professor.

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After the class finished, Song Yi is trying to make a deal with Min Joon – begging him to help her with the assessment (and her grade) although their first meeting was a bit awkward & unpleasant.

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But he believes that if he helps her once, twice, thrice, she’ll keep asking for help. That’s how human lives. And paying him back whenever she wants, it will never happen. He boldly advises her that life is not long enough for people (human) to mature.

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Min Joon meets with his friend – Lawyer Jang (who’s much older than him) in an oldies cafe – they’re talking about Song Yi. He doesn’t really follow celebrities these days and doesn’t watch recent dramas; but he thinks artists nowadays are too loud. Lawyer Jang nods in agreement, old dramas and old songs were much better & they’re such precious memories.

He tells Lawyer Jang that he’ll need another death certificate in three months. He usually asks for one every 10 years – but this time it’s only 2 years since he was issued one. He explains that this may be the last one – as he’ll go back to his planet in three month.

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A reunion dinner for Jae Kyung, Song Yi & Se Mi; he’ll stay in Korea from now on. Then, he asks Se Mi to be their witness…. He’s proposing Song Yi…

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Lawyer Jang shows an old picture (picture of Lawyer Jang & Min Joon) from 30 years ago, Min Joon really hated taking a picture because he never ages while everyone around him age & die very quickly. He’s the only one left behind.

Lawyer Jang is curious why Min Joon couldn’t return to his planet after he arrived on the Earth. He explains it’s because of an accident – one child died on that accident and since then he couldn’t go back home.

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That child, the young lady who he saved 400 years ago, drew him a picture of the UFO which was floating on the air like a moon and she gave it to him as a present.

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She was wondering if he was a Grim Reaper.

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But… it’s weird because he saw a young girl who really looked like the young lady…. 12 years ago… the day before Christmas…

Min Joon was a doctor back then, and he could see something would happen to a young girl who’s crossing the street – a truck was going to hit her. This young girl looks like the young lady who he met when he first landed on the Earth. Was it a coincidence or fate?

Song Yi rejects Jae Kyung’s proposal – but because it’s not the first time she rejects it, Jae Kyung pretends this rejection doesn’t hurt.

Song Yi finally tells him the real reason why she can’t accept his proposal. It’s because of that “special man”.

Flashback to 12 years ago. Young Jae Kyung arrived at Song Yi’s home with a bouquet of flowers – but Song Yi ran away from him, begged him to stop following her and to leave her alone.

 photo YWCFTS1_bc58_zps4fea17f6.jpg  photo YWCFTS1_bc57_zps54f0964d.jpg

She didn’t realize there’s a truck coming by. Jae Kyung and the truck driver were incredibly shocked as they thought Song Yi was hit by the truck.

Thankfully, they saw Song Yi across the road, in the arms of her savior. She’s safe. But nobody remembered the savior’s face. Song Yi told Se Mi that her savior is her first love – although she pretends that saying  that he’s her first love is a an exaggeration. But she really wants to meet him again, to ask why he saved her.

Flashback to 12  years ago… Song Yi’s savior was… Min Joon.

 photo YWCFTS1_bc60_zpsf519d9c3.jpg  photo YWCFTS1_bc61_zpsa9366f50.jpg

With his agility, speed and special ability (time freeze), he saved Song Yi who thought he’s a ghost or the Grim Reaper.

Min Joo’s wondering if that moment was a dream… If it wasn’t a dream, before he leaves the Earth, by chance (fate), he’d like to meet her again. But he chuckles, he doesn’t think it will happen.

 photo YWCFTS1_bc63_zpsb23cdcb0.jpg  photo YWCFTS1_bc64_zps425edbaa.jpg

Then…. the elevator door opens… He’s surprised to see Song Yi is standing in front of him. *Lyn’s OST “My Destiny”*

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