“You Who Came From The Star” Jun Ji Hyun’s Character Official Twitter Account

Jun Ji Hyun‘s character in You Who Came From the Star, Cheon Song Yi is obsessed with her SNS account. SBS has kindly created an official twitter account for her (@star1000song). The tweets which she tweeted (garlic pizza fiasco, mocha / mok-hwa) on episode 1 have been re-posted on this new twitter account.

Let’s help her to get at least 20000 followers so she can have lots of people to talk to. ^^ And it will be daebak if the writer can incorporate the viewers comments on the upcoming episodes. ^^

This is a verified twitter account – but I have no idea who’s in charge of this account. Maybe Jun Ji Hyun’s manager or someone from the production company?



Cr: Nate & @star1000song
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