You’re All Surrounded Episode 11 & 12 Review

Episode 11 – Catch the Bast*rd

When I thought the mysteries are slowly getting wrapped up, there’re many more complicated mysteries waiting for us in the second half. I hope they will not steer into the birth secret road, because so far, it looks like we’re slowly getting there.

Vulnerable Dae Gu faces his biggest enemy, Hyung Chul (the Boots), his mother’s killer and the person who wanted to kill him 11 years ago. He’s now back to finish his job. Pan Seok arrives in the nick of time to save Dae Gu, but he’s shocked to find out the attacker is his ex-partner. After Dae Gu tells him what happened in the past, the only thing Pan Seok wants to know: why Hyung Chul brought up his name & why he killed Ji Yong’s mother. He now realizes the reason why Dae Gu hated & resented him; and he’ll do everything he can to get the right answer from Hyung Chul.

It’s heartwarming to see Soo Sun, Tae Il, Ji Gook, Pan Seok and Eung Do tenderly loving & caring for the maknae, Dae Gu. Soo Sun shows her love through her determination to capture Hyung Chul before Dae Gu’s discharged from the hospital. She joins Pan Seok & Eung Do, carefully looking for Hyung Chul’s whereabouts, but gets really disappointed when she loses him. Doesn’t want to disappoint Dae Gu, she doesn’t want to see him until she captures the Boots. It’s so cute to see frustrated Dae Gu who wants his favorite “noona” to visit him, but he can’t say it to her. 😀 I hope she’ll remember about the pendant that she picked up at school 11 years ago. This birdbrain detective forgets one of the most important evidence.

Chief Kang delegates Hyung Chul’s case from Pan Seok’s team to different team, because it’s an order from the Congressman Yoo. Of course she doesn’t explain the real reason, although she gives a reasonable reason to Pan Seok. Like surgeons never operate on their own family members, nobody in the police force should investigate case related to their family. Dae Gu is still very vulnerable, he can kill Hyung Chul out of revenge. Pan Seok threatens to resign which Chief Kang welcomes him to do so.

Pan Seok orders the team to keep a close eye on Dae Gu, Soo Sun even follows him to the bathroom. LOL.

The Boots calls Dae Gu to meet up, he courageously comes to see him with a gun. But there’s another killer waiting for the Boots.

Episode 12 – The end & the beginning

Dae Gu who hides under the car (mirroring of what happened on episode 1), put aside his hatred to save the Boots. He’s on the way to become a true cop, I’m so proud of you, Dae Gu!


After Soo Sun finds out Dae Gu went missing & took a gun with him, she rushed to stop him with Pan Seok. But don’t worry, Dae Gu is not a reckless cop, it’s an empty gun! He doesn’t want to become a monster and tarnish his mother’s name. Sigh of relief. Pan Seok & Soo Sun look with proud as Dae Gu crawls to put handcuffs on Boots. He trembles as he arrests him, his mother’s killer.

The news that a cop from Masan captured Hyung Chul reach Congressman Yoo who finally figures out Dae Gu is Ji Yong, a child who should never exists. Birth secret! We have three new characters this episode, annoying bratty woman with very bright red lipstick who I assume is the Congressman’s daughter, her husband & her son. I guess Dae Gu is her husband’s secret son. When they replayed the scene where Ji Yong’s mom almost got killed, we can see a glimpse of this woman. YAAS is slowly heading towards God’s Gift 14 Days direction with the additional birth secret “surprise”. My gut feeling tells me that Yoo’s daughter tried to kill Ji Yong’s mom out of jealousy, Yoo who had ambition to be a Congressman asked police force to cover her up by offering them a promotion. He would never become a congressman if the public knows his family’s darkest secret and if the secret is out, he will have to give up his position. So the only way to protect them & their position is to kill all witness, including Ji Yong & the Boots.

Congressman Yoo’s Family

 photo YAAS_ep12-Yoo-fam_bc4_zpsa960f733.jpg

Chief Kang still stays in gray area, but I believe she only helped to pass the pendant to Boots because of Yoo’s order & promotion. I believe the reason why she became Chief was because of Congressman Yoo. That’s why he’s furious when he finds out she knew that Dae Gu is Ji Yong. Feeling betrayed, he orders her to prove her loyalty: kill Dae Gu. She promises she’ll do it in her own time. Chief Kang also knows Boots is in danger, but she doesn’t want him to tell the truth. Boots follows her order to protect himself.

 photo YAAS_ep12-PS-SS_bc4-2_zpsaf5dc5e2.jpg  photo YAAS_ep12-PS-SS_bc4-3_zps26a0bf1f.jpg

Romance department: both relationships start to grow beautifully. Pan Seok apologizes for forgetting Sa Kyung’s birthday and her response is half sarcastic, half adorable. Pan Seok cutely asks Soo Sun about her relationship with Dae Gu, as he saw them kissing in the office before. But Soo Sun tells him that she will never date her co-worker, I have a feeling she’ll eat her words really soon 😀

 photo YAAS_ep12-DG-SS_bc4-3_zps300c6369.jpg  photo YAAS_ep12-DG-SS_bc4-2_zpsd193ed91.jpg

The way Dae Gu tries to shield her from sun on episode 11 is heartwarming. Then on this episode, he hugs her to protect her from an accident. Lovely moment which reminds me of Seunggi’s character Hwan in Brilliant Legacy!

 photo YAAS_ep12-P4_bc4-3_zpsc24fe79d.jpg  photo YAAS_ep12-P4_bc4_zps9f1cf4a1.jpg

P4 friendship is the highlight of this week’s episodes for me. I love how their friendship strengthens after the found out Dae Gu’s secret. They’re so proud when Dae Gu captured the Boots. When Dae Gu passes out and sleeps for hours, they wait for him outside his room, worried sick something bad happened to him. When he finally wakes up, they peeked into his room  with their heads stacked into each other & breathe a sigh of relief that he’s okay. Dae Gu is no longer the prickly boy, he’s now the maknae who receives so much love from his noona & hyung; at the same time, they’re free to use him as their “slave” 😀 He starts to trust his team mates who want to protect their maknae. Beautiful friendship.

PPL time ^^

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