You’re All Surrounded Episode 13 & 14 Review

You’re All Surrounded is cruising nicely this week. Last week we’ve seen Eun Dae Gu’s slowly opening up to his team members. This week, Team 3 is dealing with a special case involving Soo Sun’s mom (Jang Hyang Sook) as a victim, they’re working tirelessly to bring justice to her & Soo Sun despite strong opposition & intimidation from their superiors.

Her mom’s assault case hit Soo Sun really hard, she finally understands how hard Dae Gu has been living after he lost his mother – guilt, anger, hatred. Dae Gu gave her a wise advice: he never endured it, he just went through it because he has to experience what what can’t be avoided. Moreover, there’s no use to cry about it. There must’ve been many times when Dae Gu was so furious and frustrated, but he knows nothing wouldn’t bring his mom’s back. So he changed his focus to find & capture his mother’s killer which he’s done last week.

Jang Hyang Sook is a very sweet woman who unfortunately has to deal with the crazy abusive spoiled Yoo Ae Yeon, Assemblyman Yoo’s daughter. She’s afraid her daughter will get hurt seeing her swollen face, so she hides in a motel room. She didn’t know her video was already spreading on the net & on SNS. Tae Il & Ji Gook work all night long leaving comments to all sites & uploader who uploaded this video, hoping they’ll delete this video. It’s so adorable when Soo Sun sweetly tells P3 that a miracle happened overnight, that her mom’s video has been deleted. The little things Dae Gu, Tae Il, Ji Gook do to protect Soo Sun & her mom are very heartwarming. They also help Dae Gu to come out from his shell, from a picky eater to someone who now eats his veggies. From a selfish kid to someone who shares his favorite banana milk to Ji Gook who worked tirelessly so they could remove the assault video from the net.

Dae Gu receives so much love from P3, Pan Seok, and Jang Hyang Sook who after finding out he’s Ji Yong, tells him to call her “mom”. Dae Gu is touched with her sweet gesture & sincerity; he brings her beautiful flower bouquet then entertains her with magic trick to put a smile on her face. Hyang Sook treats everyone like they’re her own kids, and they treat her like their own mom.

I love it that Dae Gu, Tae Il and Ji Gook give Soo Sun time to cry her heart out alone. Sometimes a woman needs this quiet time before she gathers up her courage to face the unfair world. She makes the wisest decision despite Chief Kang’s plea for her to cover up this case for Assemblyman Yoo’s sake & to protect precious people closest to her.

She promised her late father she will always protect her mother. And the reason why she became police officer was so she can send her salary for her mother, for the rest of her life. She’s a filial daughter, I love love her. She believes police unit must keep this principle: “If one commits a sin, she must be punished. And if one did something wrong, she must beg for forgiveness.” She challenges Chief Kang to protect innocent citizen who’s victimized unfairly instead of protecting an Assemblyman who wanted to cover up the sin. Bravo, Soo Sun!

Unfortunately, her mother decides to drop the case after Assemblyman visits her at the hospital, bows his head & apologizes. Hyang Sook is touched with this old man who protects his child who suffers from extreme depression (of course he lied). P4 are frustrated, Dae Gu threatens Yoo Ae Yeon that she can no longer hide behind her father’s power. He’ll catch her with his own hand if she makes any trouble in the future.

Yoo Ae Yeon looks like a very lonely woman. Her son doesn’t respect her, her husband doesn’t care about her, her father is a very ambitious man who wants to protect his political career. She’s longing for people to love her and I won’t be surprised if she’s forced to marry her wealthy husband just to give her father money & power for his political career. I really hope we’re not heading into the birth secret route, I can’t imagine Dae Gu is related with Assemblyman Yoo’s dysfunctional family. Although I’d love to see his bromance with Yoo Ae Yeon’s son, Shin Gi Jae.

After the misunderstanding has been cleared, Pan Seok and Dae Gu start to trust each other albeit they’re still having arguments over small things. Dae Gu even orders him around until Pan Seok asks him who’s the team leader! Hahaha.

They believe Hyung Chul is still hiding something. With Pan Seok’s legendary record & Dae Gu’s photographic memory, they should find out soon that Hyung Chul was threatened by Chief Kang. Dae Gu should figure out the clue from what Chief Kang told him that “there are times when you have no choice but to act against your will & conviction.”

Chief Kang is torn between her own conviction & gratitude for Assemblyman Yoo who “helped” her in the past. She’s protecting precious people closest to her, her family, her team, police unit, Assemblyman Yoo, herself from getting hurt if the truth is out. She’s trapped in her own agenda so deep that she can’t get out from it. No other way she can do except to reveal the truth when the right time comes.

Toadie, I adore him. The writer should give him more lines, Im Won Hee is a great actor and he’s wasted here. Toad speaks out his mind without thinking of the consequences and other people’s feelings; but he’s the one who stood up for justice when needed. His sarcastic comment that Team 3 always have bad luck as if it’s a kdrama and birth secret will make it into a perfect makjang drama, I just ROFL. Hahaha. The writer made fun of SBS’ makjang free policy which possibly “forced” her to rewrite the script. =)

Finally we find out the secret behind Sa Kyung & Tae Il’s relationship. Pan Seok’s blood boiled after he saw them hugging each other. Tae Il explains everything to Pan Seok. Sa Kyung hugged him because Tae Il begged her, so out of humanism, she did it. He first met Sa Kyung in London last year & felt in love at the first sight. Unfortunately Sa Kyung only treated him as a younger brother, perhaps because she still loves Pan Seok who has no idea why she handed him the divorce paper a decade ago. Tae Il is going to tell him the reason but Pan Seok apparently doesn’t or he wants to figure it out himself. (I want to know…..). Glad we don’t have another love triangle here. Tae Il is a very understanding man.

Eun Dae Gu & Soo Sun’s romance starts to bloom, it’s slow & steady. It’s a refreshing change in the kdramaland where the OTP usually fall in love in LTE advance speed. In YAAS, the writer didn’t “force” Dae Gun & Soo Sun to love each other abruptly, albeit Soo Sun already had crush with young Ji Yong. She knows the emotional baggage that Dae Gu carries for more than a decade, so her first priority is to be by his side so he can at least share his burden with her. Her sincerity made Eun Dae Gu starting to trust her with his secret, this helps to flourish their friendship. After experiencing what Dae Gu experienced, it brings them much closer together. Dae Gu is no longer her “partner”, but he’s a friend who can see the sorrow behind her smile, love behind her anger and the reason behind her silence.

 photo DG-SS_zps0e610e41.jpg

Although Soo Sun told Pan Seok she would never date her fellow co-worker, but he could read her mind 😀 For their undercover case, he assigns them as a “fake” couple which “force” Dae Gu & Soo Sun to come out from their shells. I suspect Pan Seok planned for 100days anniversary celebration, I’m not complaining that after 14 episodes we finally got our wish! A passionate deep kiss from Dae Gu to reciprocate Soo Sun’s sweet kiss on his lip! ^___^

 photo YAAS_ep14_DaeGu_SooSun_kiss_bc1_zps538752c5.gif  photo YAAS_ep14_DaeGu_SooSun_kiss_bc2_zps7750ad25.gif

Pan Seok and Ji Gook’s reactions are priceless 😀 LOL Dae Gu & Soo Sun, they kiss in front of their boss again.

 photo 3b74a4ae-9aee-4ae8-9190-987cb6d530ba_zpsaa3a0316.jpg  photo 9f370235-549f-4f09-b542-e1184a8c3529_zps1e924930.jpg

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