You’re All Surrounded Episode 16 Mini Recap

You’re All Surrounded is doing an awesome job with their characters growth that I smile proudly like Pan Seok & Eung Do every time P4 solve the given cases & gradually grow into real detectives who have sense of justice. It’s very easy for rookie detectives to fall into the temptation (and threats) from their superior or to act against their conviction like Chief Kang experienced in the past. P4 understand they play a very important role in the society: to protect innocent citizens and to punish people who commit a sin against innocent victims hence they try their best to show the citizens that they can trust the police force.

Note: Because this post is way too long for a review & I didn’t really “review” this episode (lol), so it’s more fitting to be a mini recap 😀 


You’re All Surrounded Episode 16 Mini Recap – There’re things that cannot be hidden

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Chief Kang Seong Sun’s backstory is very interesting. 27 years ago, Assemblyman Yoo (who was the police chief at that time) “helped” the prosecutor (who was bribed by the criminal’s side) to drop a rape case, albeit strong opposition from rookie detective Seo Kyung Eun who wanted to bring justice to the victim’s family. Young Kang Seok Sun broke her promise to the victim’s family & her partner by acting against her own conviction to follow Chief Yoo’s order. Disappointed & guilty, Seo Kyung Eun resigned then killed herself.

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After her funeral, Kang Seok Sun asked Chief Yoo the reason why they couldn’t even get a warrant & arrest the criminal although he’s in front of them. She questioned him why they always lost the battle with the prosecutors hence she urged him to have more power for the weak victims so the police force could acquire the right to investigate independently. From that day, Seok Sun promised to help Chief Yoo with anything as long as he could secure this vision. She told him to call her Detective Seo so she would never forget the indignity & guilt toward her friend. She’s the Detective Seo that Hyung Chul talked about 11 years ago. Dae Gu mistakenly thought she’s detective Seo Pan Seok.

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The only reason she lives after her friend’s death is to secure independent investigative rights and to catch every single person who’s involved in the lawsuit & conspiracy 27 years ago. And that day will come soon. After Assemblyman Yoo found out about the pendant, he knows he has to act ASAP. Toadie brings the good news to Chief Kang that a special committee of judicial reform will start discussing changes in investigative right.

She may seem to be a person who has sense of justice, but she still committed a sin. She covered up the sin of Chief Yoo’s family, she also “helped” them to kill Dae Gu’s mom. She even tells Pan Seok that she will hide all evidence about Dae Gu’s mom case until she completes her mission. But justice will prevail, Chief Kang. You’re dealing with legendary detective Pan Seok here. You will not be able to hide behind Assemblyman Yoo’s power anymore.

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Finally we find out what really happened on the day Dae Gu’s mom was killed. YAY came to the house, ignored her greeting, went straight to the bedroom. She was shocked to see the portrait there. Angry YAY instantly grabbed a vase and hit the back of her head. When she collapsed on the floor, she rushed out & accidentally dropped her pendant in the courtyard. Woo Joon Soo (pork hocks store owner) saw her coming out of the house but he didn’t say anything to anyone.


After she lost her pendant, YAY made a replica of this pendant so she has the perfect alibi when Pan Seok & Dae Gu bring the real pendant (the designer told them it’s the only one in the world). Fortunately, photographic memory Dae Gu notices three differences hence he believes the one YAY shows them is a knockoff. Team 3 know that this pendant alone won’t prove her crime. Dae Gu & Pan Seok go to Masan to find any witness(es). Tae Il and Sa Kyung search the jewelry knockoff dealer to find a replica expert who created this fake pendant.

Tae Il teases Pan Seok by asking his permission first before he asks Sa Kyung to help him. Reluctantly, Pan Seok agrees. While they’re on this  mission, Tae Il frequently gives “hints” for Pan Seok on how to treat Sa Kyung 😀

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Pan Seok & Dae Gu drive down to Masan. After fruitless search, they coincidentally meet with a grandma store owner who recognizes Ji Yong & is relived he’s alive and well. She’s the witness they’ve been looking for. That fateful day, she went to Dae Gu’s house to give kimchi to his mom, but she turned back after she saw a mysterious man in black (Woo Joon Soo) lurking around. She’s afraid to report this to the police station in case the same thing happens to her (“forced” to testify and then get killed like DG’s mom).

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Woo Joon Soo finally admits he saw YAY coming out of Dae Gu’s house that day.


I love how the team is now split up into 3 “unrequited love” teams (had to borrow this “endearing” term from 1n2d ^^) – Pan Seok & Dae Gu, Soo Sun & Ji Gook, Tae Il & Sa Kyung.

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Both Pan Seok & Dae Gu have women problem. 😀 Soo Sun sends TLC texts to Dae Gu, she also doesn’t forget to include the details that Ji Gook feeds her crab meats LOL.  well-done-red-crab-emoticon_zpsdffb008a.gif Tae Il on the other hand, tells Pan Seok he’s treating Sa Kyung dinner. Ha. Both men are furious & jealous.

Birdbrain Soo Sun thought Dae Gu is upset because she forgot to tell him about the pendant. She didn’t know it has anything to do with Dae Gu’s mum murder case although she saw Hyung Chul that day, she picked it up at the school lab because she thought it’s pretty. However, that’s not the reason Dae Gu is dismayed. He now loses his reason to live after she told the team he’s not her ideal type  photo depressed1-onion-head-emoticon_zpse2fec5c7.gif

YAAS_Ep16_DaeGu_SooSun_bc1_zpsa8e1fbd2.gif YouReAllSurrounded-Ep16--DaeGu-SooSun-bc5_zpsb5c8d08a.jpg

She tries to escape from his question & leave the locker room, Dae Gu grabs her hand. She almost falls but he spontaneously catch her so in the end, she admits her ideal type is Dae Gu’s friend, Kim Ji Yong. Awwww…  photo cute-rabbit-emoticon_zps1f4d9574.gif

Dae Gu joins Tae Il who’s still working hard to find the jewelry dealer. But they didn’t realize two YAY minions are watching them, so once Tae Il is alone with the pendant, they attack & stab him with a knife (noooo, I thought they would never use a knife again in this drama). Tae Il desperately clung the man’s foot, begging him to give the pendant back. But they flee before Dae Gu comes back. They give the pendant to YAY.

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Although he’s severely wounded, Tae Il couldn’t stop talking about the pendant, begging Dae Gu to chase the minions. Dae Gu begs him to stop talking as he tries his best to control Tae Il’s bleeding. They rush him to the hospital, Team 3 arrive soon afterwards to a very shocked Dae Gu who blames himself. He wants to see YAY, but Soo Sun stops him. She knows whether Dae Gu was there or not, Tae Il would do everything he could to protect the pendant as he’s a detective. Dae Gu, it’s not your fault, please stop blaming yourself. To calm him down, Soo Sun gives him a reassuring & warm hug.

Awww photo angel2-onion-head-emoticon_zps1cff9257.gif

 photo YouReAllSurrounded-Ep16--DaeGu-SooSun-bc2_zps22b68af3.jpg  photo YouReAllSurrounded-Ep16--DaeGu-SooSun-bc1_zpsb3a77b30.jpg

Dae Gu & Soo Sun relationship grows in a very steady pace. For Soo Sun who knows Ji Yong longer than she knows Dae Gu, and has a special memory about him, it’s understandable that her ideal type is Ji Yong. I would find it abrupt if she suddenly falls in love with Dae Gu because his personality is 180deg different with sweet innocent Ji Yong albeit they’re the same person. Well done writer-nim for “throwing” them in one team where they gradually build a strong relationship from work partners to friends to lovers. It’s very beautiful to watch the progress of their romance which proves that actions speak louder than words. From Soo Sun cracked the cold wall on his heart & put a smile back on his face to Dae Gu silently watches over her & protects her and her family. Their romance becomes stronger through difficult & happy time.

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