You’re All Surrounded Episode 3 – Review

— There are no rookie detectives —

This episode focuses on incompetent P4 who’ve been given another chance by their hot-tempered team leader Seo Pan Seok after failing miserably on their last mission. Pan Seok believes none of them will be real detectives, but he will “nurture” them for 3 months before showing them the door to leave this crime investigation unit. Like Pan Seok, I also don’t know how these four rookies were able to pass the police exams. They need to be sent back to police academy to learn the basics.

They need to work as a team, if one fails, they fail together. Pan Seok explained there’re two things they can do to catch the criminal: catch the criminal at their hideout place or wait outside the hideout place until the criminal comes out. Hence,  Pan Seok assigned these two missions for P4.

1) Catch the thief at his hideout place


He gave them one address, challenged them who’d catch the thief first.

They followed his instruction too well, they forgot the basic of teamwork. They rushed out the car, used their individual skill to find this place. Dae Gu, his photographic memory helped him, Soo Sun asked real estate agent, Ji Gook received help from a delivery guy and Tae Il as expected got there after he met pretty young lady who drove red sport car. Although four of them arrived within seconds of each other, but they found this place separately, and most importantly, they didn’t work as a team. Failure!

2) 12 hours stakeout

 photo YAASEp3_bc8_zps2c110d62.png

We can see their real personalities coming out when they’re locked inside a car for 12 long hours. Ji Gook whinged he should never applied to enter this unit, Tae Il thought this is like long distance international flight. 7 hours passed, they’ve done their best to control their bladder and thirst plus hunger. Until someone farted. LOL. Everyone turned their eyes to Dae Gu who didn’t say anything. 11 hours passed, they’ve gone crazy. It’s violation of human rights, according to Dae Gu. Soo Sun encouraged them to endure it, just one hour left. Ji Gook almost escaped but Dae Gu opened the car’s door first.

The next day, Pan Seok gave another mission to P4, this time, it’s an individual mission. The first person who found chewing gum wrapper  (the only evidence from robbery incident) in the midst of yucky trashes, they’ll win this mission. Dae Gu didn’t want to scrap through bags of trash just to finish this mission. He believed Pan Seok was protecting them and would not get rid of them easily. Anyway, Soo Sun got really furious with Dae Gu that she started throwing trash to him until the bag broke and they found the wrapper.

 photo YAASEp3_bc1-4_zps30e89180.png  photo YAASEp3_bc1-4-1_zpsc6adb428.png

Cue to P4 fought with each other so they could be the first person who “presented” this evidence to their team leader.

 photo YAASEp3_bc1-4-2_zps7f0ab057.png

After they barely completed the first two “missions”, Pan Seok finally entrusted them with their first real cases. Pan Seok is going on a business trip for 1night 2 days, so if they find any difficult situation, they must report it immediately. New recruits may make a mistake, but they cannot make one mistake because it can lead to something that they cannot fix. There’re no rookie detectives. He instructed them to work together.

1) Eun Dae Gu & Eo Soon Sun: stalking victim

It’s obvious they can NOT work in the same team. Soo Sun got a ticket (because she used her cellphone while driving), thanks to Dae Gu who reported it to the police officer. That happened before they even reached the victim’s house. Pan Seok should separate this lovebird cat & mouse.

Their case is not as simple as it sounds because the pretty woman didn’t have any evidence of the stalker’s verbal threats. So they can only charge him for normal stalking (which is a lesser criminal act). Dae Gu wanted her to contact them again after she had any concrete evidence.

While Dae Gu followed the manual, Soo Sun decided to step up to the game by creating situation which would allow them to record the evidence themselves. Maybe because she’s a woman, so she wants to help the victim. But she should discuss it with her team-member before deciding on her own.

 photo YAASEp3_bc1-6-1_zps7c29a7d3.png  photo YAASEp3_bc1-6-2_zps8daa84da.png

So they set up a “date” between the victim (Yoon Jeong) and her stalker (Chun Song Yi’s manager from YWCFTS :D), but because it went nowhere, Dae Gu came to her rescue by pretending to be her boyfriend.

Because Yoon Jeong wanted to get evidence herself, so she got into the car with him at night. Unfortunately, Soo Sun didn’t receive her message, she was busy dealing with her apartment problem. At the same time, Dae Gu was in the convenience store, somehow he got a feeling something is wrong. So he checked the stalker’s SNS account to find ambiguous messages from him. He ran (alone) to the victim’s house, but obviously she’s not there. Cr*p … Just moments ago, he was so confident that the stalker never went out after 1AM.

 photo YAASEp3_bc1-7-1_zps504465f8.png  photo YAASEp3_bc1-7-2_zps57a9f932.png

There’s no turning back, Soo Sun. Remember what Pan Seok said before, you cannot make any mistake. Dae Gu cracked the code from the messages the stalker wrote on his SNS account – they went to Dosan Park. They found Yoon Jeong, dead, after being stabbed. They’re too late. >.<

I hope she’s alive, but if she died, it will have parallel story between Dae Gu & Pan Seok. Because of their incompetence, they both “killed” someone. This will be a wake-up call for Dae Gu & Soo Sun to be extra vigilant, never ever assume everything will be okay.

2) Ji Gook & Park Tae Il: catch the theft who stole medicine (propofol) from plastic surgery’s medicine cabinet.

 photo YAASEp3_bc1-5-1_zpsb58187d6.png  photo YAASEp3_bc1-5-2_zpsf8e8e9b7.png

Somehow I feel like Ji Gook & Tae Il’s case is like a filler. Nothing happened except Tae Il was kissed by a guy but he told him to act as if he doesn’t know him (is he gay?)

Dae Gu has a trust issue with Pan Seok, which is understandable because he (believed) was betrayed by him 11 years ago. He will never forget and will not be able to easily forgive him.

 photo YAASEp3_bc1-3-giveDaeGuaHug_zps3d67c180.png

Dae Gu needs a good counseling session, he won’t be able to be a reliable team member if he still harbors deep resentment. My heart breaks when  he curled up in bed like a baby. His life stopped after his mother’s death, suppressing his emotional intelligence. Wake up, Dae Gu. You have to live your life to the fullest so your mother will be proud of you.

There’s a reason why he entered police force (perhaps to keep an eye on Pan Seok and to catch his mother’s killer), but I hope he’ll open up and help his team members with his 150 IQ to solve the other cases as well.

 photo YAASEp3_bc1-2_zps85a7e5c2.png

Finally they touched Pan Seok and Sa Kyung’s story, still don’t know what happened in the past, but it’s obvious she holds a mountain of grudge. I hope their “love story” is not a mere back story because I’m yearning to know more about them, and how they ended up like this. From the way he really worried about her, I think Pan Seok still loves her.

Soo Sun accidentally saw their “special moment”, she needs to learn to confine her ear-dropping habit.

I don’t think there’ll be love triangle between Pan Seok, Dae Gu and Soo Sun. Although we expect some romance in YAAS, but I think now it’s still very early to see Dae Gu / Soo Sun falls in love with each other. Especially because Dae Gu & Soo Sun are not teenage sweethearts, I prefer them to build their friendship first before they develop feelings with each other. Perhaps it will be better if Dae Gu starts to have a feeling for her after they get to solve his mother’s murder case. She saw the killer, and somehow I think she also picked up the “pendant” in the chemistry room.

 photo YAASEp3_bc1-8-1_zps674d8aee.png  photo YAASEp3_bc1-8-2_zps94c33ae9.png

I don’t know how long the statute of limitations for a murder case expires in Korea, but from what Pan Seok told his chief, I think it’s 12 years. Dae Gu needs to act ASAP.

This episode has its ups and downs moments. It’s a bit lackluster compared to episode 1, but overall, it’s not a bad episode. I love P4 fight in the trash area because it shows their real personalities, the impatient Dae Gu, whiny Ji Gook, cool positive guy Park Tae Il. As the only woman in the team, it’s harder for Soo Sun to deal with these three rookies, but she’s holding on quite well.  Park Tae Il and Ji Gook’s case was a filler, unnecessary. I prefer them to work together as P4 than splitting them in two teams. Maybe the writer intends to use this “opportunity” to build up the romance between Dae Gu & Soo Sun, but I don’t see it happening at least in the next 4 episodes. Give us more bromance, writer-nim!

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