You’re All Surrounded Episode 5 – Review

You’re Surrounded has finally found its footing, a great human drama about detectives who at the end of the day, they’re all human who carry emotional baggage. They have their own strength and weaknesses, but as they’re growing together to solve the given cases, they complement each other. Episode 5 and 6 solidified my love for YAAS. Two great episodes with balanced mix of comedy, action, crime cases and excellent back story which make me really care for our main characters.

Episode 5 – Sometimes you embrace and live

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After being kicked out from her dorm, Soo Sun let herself in to P3’s dorm. She brings chicken & beer to celebrate their first successful case. They deserve a pat on their shoulder, they did well in the hostage situation. They reminisce their “heroic” actions, it’s satisfying they finally could get something right. Soo Sun sums it up nicely: Finally I found work that makes my heart race. P2 are already sleeping, drunk; but Dae Gu hears her as he glances his eyes towards her.

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The next day, Dae Gu wakes up the earliest, he enjoys a nice long hot shower. Soo Sun wakes up, rushes to the bathroom as shirtless Dae Gu comes out. Collision happens.

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I’m not complaining when we finally get a kiss, albeit it’s a chest kiss ^–^

While Dae Gu feels violated, Soo Sun’s enjoying the strawberry flavored body wash that Dae Gu used. LOL. He kicks her out.

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The following day, Dae Gu is trailing Pan Seok who came to Sa Kyung’s apartment building. He saw a young guy waited for SK, but got rejected straight away. Of course Dae Gu didn’t see the young guy, he only sees Pan Seok & Sa Kyung ride the elevator together – hence, he assumes they’re dating.

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Soo Sun has been living in a tent at the rooftop of the police station. Aww.. she cut her hair? =) The guys including Detective Lee Eung Do (excluding Dae Gu) complement Soo Sun’s short hair. For Dae Gu, her long hair was the only thing he likes about her (awww, really Dae Gu yaa?). Ji Gook looks like he just saw a very pretty angel. Love him. 😀

When Pan Seok arrives, they all offered their apology, Dae Gu swallows his pride & he apologizes too. I love what Soo Sun said to him: The right to quit is only given to those who try until the end”. Gradually, Soo Sun has finds out the right motive to be the best detective she possibly can. Further down the track, P3 will also find the right reason which will shape them to be the best detectives.

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Pan Seok realizes that they did extremely well in the hostage situation, he acknowledges their “good efforts”. Detective Lee Eung Do proposes a party to celebrate this success, so they go to karaoke bar after work. Mr Toad shows off his singing talent (or not :D), they drag Pan Seok to sing while the rookies dance.

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But here comes trouble, we have a new bad guy now. It’s Prosecutor Han (Lim Seung Dae) who went to the same school as Pan Seok but always argue over every single case they’re forced to work together.

When they were enjoying the party, Sa Kyung received an urgent call: a 7 year old boy was missing from his school’s playground. His parents are divorced, his mom who supposed to pick him up from the school was late. Several hours later, he’s nowhere to be seen.

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Sa Kyung as the leader of the missing persons unit leads her team to retrace the young boy’s steps until they find a fresh tire mark on the road. She goes down to the nearby ravine. Bad news, she finds this young boy is covered in blood & unconscious. Time is running out, so instead of waiting for the ambulance to arrive, she takes the young boy to the hospital herself. But he dies in the hospital 🙁

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Because this is now a manslaughter case, Pan Seok’s team takes over this case to find the killer. After analyzing the CCTV footage, they find the car which hit that boy. The owner of this car is annoying as hell. He accidentally asks if the child’s mother sent them to him; although Dae Gu didn’t even tell him that the victim is a kid. Gotcha!

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When the young boy’s parents argue at the police station, Sa Kyung screams out to the mother – telling her it’s all her mistake. If only she picked her child up and not neglecting her child, none of this would happen. This whole hit-and-run accident mirrors what happened with Sa Kyung and Pan Seok’s young boy. He was killed from similar accident because Pan Seok who promised to pick him up, was late due to his work. That’s the reason why Sa Kyung holds grudges against her ex-husband, they got divorced shortly after this incident.

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Flashback to the day of their son’s death. Pan Seok wore exactly the same outfit on the day Dae Gu’s mom was killed, so it may possibly be the same day.

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Over the next few days, Pan Seok and his team are working extremely hard to find the witnesses and evidence from this hit-and-run accident. They can’t ask the prosecutor to issue an arrest warrant for Kim Shin Myung  due to lack of evidence. I love it that although he’s now a legendary detective, Pan Seok still takes his broom to search for any broken pieces from the car.

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P4 finally find one witness, but too bad they forget to record his statement. He changes his statement later on after being threatened (or maybe bribed) by KSM’s minion. Thankfully they find another witness, not going to repeat the same mistake, they interview him at the police station and stick to him like glues. Meanwhile, Pan Seok also find the evidence – shard of plastic from the car’s headlight. With these concrete evidence, he asks Prosecutor Han to release the arrest warrant. However, because he chose to disobey Prosecutor Han’s commands, he’s thrown to jail.

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It’s clear that Prosecutor Han was bribed by Kim Shin Myung, hence he’s very reluctant to release the warrant. When he visits Pan Seok in jail, he sarcastically asks if he knows that above the person who runs is the person who flies. I love Pan Seok’s answer: above the person who flies is the one who’s earnest. Yes. Justice will prevail in the end, wait and see, Prosecutor Han. You’ll never win against the truth.

Losing a child is never easy for any parents. When Pan Seok tells his team that this young child will miss so many things in his life because he’s gone way too soon, I teared up. Perhaps this is the reason why he keeps emphasizing this same sentence over and over again to his team: nobody can’t bring back the dead alive. He lost his son, then his wife while at the same time he tries to be a good detective, a good father, a good husband. He has so many battles he has to overcome, but he has the heart to help other people. I hope one day his wife can forgive him and they can rekindle their relationship.

Love how this drama can balance the mystery and comedic scenes. Got a feeling Dae Gu starts to fall into Soo Sun’s charm. Looking forward to the day when Soo Sun finally finds out Dae Gu is Ji Yong, and she’ll help him to heal his emotional wounds.

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