You’re All Surrounded Episode 6 – Review

Episode 6 sealed my love for YAAS, a solid episode with lots of great moments, and yet it’s still able to maintain a great balance between comedy and mystery. The start of blossoming romance between our heroes and heroines (Dae Gu – Soo Sun and Pan Seok – Sa Kyung). Love the touching moment when Sa Kyung put her head on her ex-husband’s shoulder which shows that she’s making a gradual step to release her hatred & anger. Both of them lost their most precious son, the way they handled their loss was different, but the love they have for their son will hopefully pull them back together. It’s clear they still love each other.

Dae Gu starts to notice Soo Sun after their accidental “strawberry chest kiss”. This episode gives us another surprise in a pleasant way 😀

I love how this drama shows us the gradual growth of our rookie detectives who’re finally getting acknowledged as the new recruit detectives. This drama didn’t have any likeable characters in the beginning, which made me really hard to root for any of them. But this week’s episodes were beyond amazing, we finally discover their background (oh well, except Ji Gook, but they’ll definitely show us soon). They have their own soft sides which I can relate to. I want to give them a big hug when they can’t sleep because of their past, I want to jump and hug them when they find the evidence / witness, I want to cheer them up when they get frustrated because of unfairness, and I want to congratulate them for solving the case.

One more, I love the epilogue! Was disappointed when they decided to broadcast episode 4 epilogue during the re-run, but this week they changed it and aired the epilogue at the end of the episode. You’ve made the right decision, SBS! =)

Episode 6 Brief Recap & Review

Team 3 come to arrest Kim Shin Myung. They keep zooming-in his driver, Lee Young Goo. *please don’t tell me he’ll shift the blame to his driver”

Pan Seok waits for Sa Kyung in front of her apartment building, she complements him for arresting Kim Shin Myung. He invites her for a dinner which she politely refuses, but she then asks him for a drink instead. When asked why she chose Gangnam Police Station although she might know he works there, she refuses to answer. Pan Seok sighs, he still doesn’t know her.

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As they desperately fails to catch any taxi, suddenly Sa Kyung leans on him, put her head to his shoulder. She wails as she calls out their son’s name. She really misses Joon Woo. It’s such a heartbreaking scene but I’m glad she finally breaks her silence.

 photo YAAS_Ep6_bc3_zps2bebfe96.png

Love how they show us the similarity between our heroes, Dae Gu & Pan Seok. How they suffer similar thing, how they carry similar emotional baggage, how they have similar routine.

They suffer from insomnia, they do similar things which will help them to sleep. At the end, both of them take sleeping tablets, and try to sleep while watching the most precious videos they really treasure. A video of his proud son who praised his dad to the moon for Pan Seok; and a cartoon for Dae Gu.

 photo YAAS_Ep6_bc4-1_zps0dfed3fe.png  photo YAAS_Ep6_bc4-2_zps1816eaaf.png

Dae Gu wakes up from his nightmare (“boots” keeps chasing him to kill him). While he slept, he clenched his fist incredibly hard that his nails cut his palm. 🙁 I guess this is a repeating nightmare, hence, he tries to avoid it by watching cute cartoon before he sleeps. I remember people said that it’s better to watch something light before you sleep so you won’t have any nightmare. But cartoon, light drama doesn’t work for Dae Gu. Poor Dae Gu that this incident is stuck deeply inside his mind that he can’t escape from it.

The next day, they find out Kim Shin Myung has been released because they’ve captured the real culprit, his driver Lee Young Goo (God’s Gift 14 Days’ Huh Go). Of course Shin Myung would make a “deal” with his innocent driver. I knew it. Sigh…

Pan Seok goes to confront Prosecutor Han. When he tells him that child or adult, who died is not important, but what’s the most important is who’s the killer; out of anger, he punch Prosecutor Han. Whoaaa Prosecutor Han, every life is important, whether it’s child or adult. Once they’re gone, they’re gone forever. Nothing can be done to bring them back alive! Urgh I wanna punch him as well.

 photo YAAS_Ep6_bc5-1_zpseb2af194.png  photo YAAS_Ep6_bc5-2_zps2abb6884.png

We finally finds out the place where Ji Yong grew up, in an orphanage. Young Ji Yong went from one orphanage to another, claiming he didn’t remember anything. But every single orphanage told him to report to the police in case his family was looking for him. Until one day he found a nice lady who instead of telling  him to go to police, she kindly offered him a meal. He grew up here and is now back to tell the Director for not telling anyone about him.

 photo YAAS_Ep6_bc6-1_zps407bac56.png  photo YAAS_Ep6_bc6-2_zpse1f061ef.png

Unfortunately, he’s one step too late. That guy was here few moments ago, pretending to be a police officer. The Director told him Dae Gu’s real identity. And that guy who’s still hanging around the orphanage, he sees Dae Gu’s face! 🙁 Most importantly, he no longer has the burn scar on his face. Does it mean that he had plastic surgery?

Arrest warrant for Pan Seok is out, he’s taking responsibility for his own action. He insists that Lee Young Goo is innocent, but nobody believes him now.

Mr Toad preaches a wise quote: the misfortune you’re experiencing now is the revenge of the time spent wrong. He encourages Pan Seok to reflect in jail how arrogant and reckless he was.

Lee Eung Do wants to do anything to get Pan Seok out of the jail, he even plans to bow to Prosecutor Han. It’s just his body which will bow, not his heart. But Pan Seok stops him. Instead, he tells him to comfort his “kids” who might be upset because of what happened with their team leader and Kim Shin Myung’s case.

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Dae Gu eardrops their conversation, suddenly, the phone rings. It’s “boots” calling, but because Pan Seok’s locked behind bars, he can’t pick up his phone. Frustrated, Dae Gu leaves.

P4 reluctantly hands over all the files related to Kim Shin Myung’s case to Mr Toad. He announces Team 3 is now tentatively dissolved, and is put on a standby. They must provide support to other teams when needed.

Eung Do takes them for a hearty breakfast, encourages them to cheer up. Soo Sun is furious that innocent Pan Seok was arrested. But Dae Gu think he’s not innocent either. He used violence, he punch Prosecutor Han, he caused him to have a concussion. Although Prosecutor Han slapped him first, but he couldn’t control his anger and caused an injury.

Tae Il agrees with Dae Gu, Pan Seok should control his temper if he was considerate of his team. This can break the team apart.

Ji Gook is very cynical they can find the real culprit. What’s the use of catching Kim Shin Myung if he’s going to be released again? Will this change the world? There’re so many bad guys out there. This makes everyone think, why there’s no justice in this world? Why the bad guys always win while the good guys who follow the rules take the blame?

Soo Sun wonders why they spent day and night investigating if the world doesn’t change?

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Sa Kyung visits Pan Seok, she’s upset that her ex-husband who once she thought was a sexy man turned into a douche who’s willing to resign just because of Prosecutor Han. She confessed that although he was a bad father for Joon Woo, she acknowledges him as a detective that the world is lucky to have a detective like him. Her words of wisdom wakes him up like a slap on his face. She challenges him to get over this incident and to put Kim Shin Myung behind bars.

Tae Il and Ji Gook are sent to find out more about Lee Young Goo’s family if there’s any reason why he’s taking the blame. Tae Il finds out his young sister is unwell, she’s waiting for a heart surgery.

 photo YAAS_Ep6_bc8-1_zpsd96da402.png  photo YAAS_Ep6_bc8-3_zps387bf715.png

Tae Il visits Young Goo’s sister (cameo by Kim Ji Young – she was in Doctor Stranger, the 500 won girl, love her ^^). She’s very close with her older brother, especially after their parents passed away. When she asked about his hyung, he trembles and unable to answer (I think the picture on his room is a picture of his brother).

 photo YAAS_Ep6_bc9-1_zps91be4bd0.png  photo YAAS_Ep6_bc9-2_zps49ce3ae8.png

Pan Seok advises Young Goo that although he think he may be doing the right thing now to save his sister, but it won’t end up well in the future. He shares he was trying to be a good father for his son, he thought there’d always be another opportunity. But after he lost his son, he realizes that the best father is the one who stays by his child’s side. So before it’s too late, he advises Young Goo to be with his sister right now, stays by her side now.

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P4 finds out Kim Shin Myung plans to escape to another country, he’s in the airport. Soo Sun and Dae Gu who’re helping traffic divisions, they rush to the airport. Ji Gook is assigned to check the black box from the car which was in the accident scene. Unfortunately, the recording was cut off before the car hit the young boy 🙁

 photo YAAS_Ep6_bc10-4_zps83def2b4.png  photo YAAS_Ep6_bc10-3_zpsb1566e53.png

Dae Gu and Soo Sun arrive at the airport in the nick-of-time. Clever Soo Sun suddenly run to hug Shin Myung in front of his girlfriend.

 photo YAAS_Ep6_bc10-5_zpse113a089.png

Dae Gu grabs a trolley, he “scopes” them and they have this hilarious race around the airport terminal until Lee Eung Do arrives with a video evidence of him convincing Lee Young Goo to take his blame. He offered him money for his sister’s surgery.

Pan Seok is released, thanks to the “magic” document from Dae Gu that Tae Il delivered to Pan Seok.

Tae Il takes Young Goo’s little sister to the police station so Young Goo will change his mind & tell the truth. She cries she’d rather die than to see her brother becoming a bad person because of her. Young Goo gives a flash drive to Pan Seok, asking if it’s too late for him to amend to his younger sister. Pan Seok promises he’ll get out before his sister’s surgery.

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P4 arrive back at the station, Soo Sun is overjoyed & relieved to see team leader Pan Seok there. Unable to contain her excitement that her “superman” has finally been released, she hugs him tightly. Dae Gu and Sa Kyung are jealous. 😀 I think she only admires and respects him as her “superman” – daddy figure, not as a lover.

Pan Seok congratulates them for catching a culprit they desperately wanted to catch. They’ve finally graduated to new recruit detectives.

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Pan Seok notices something’s been bothering Dae Gu ever since he joined his team. He asks if he holds any grudges against him and if he knows him before. Dae Gu smartly dodge the question, who doesn’t know the legendary Seo Pan Seok?

Suspicious Pan Seok begins to investigate Dae Gu’s personal record, he discovers he lived in an orphanage.

 photo YAAS_Ep6_bc11-4_zps1588e4bc.png  photo YAAS_Ep6_bc11-3_zps780b9ed7.png

The next morning, Dae Gu arrives early at work. He finds his personal record on Pan Seok’s desk. Oh Noo… He’ll get caught really soon, don’t let your guard down, Dae Gu. He goes to his locker, put on his glasses. Soo Sun arrives, suddenly she asks “Kim Ji Yong?” OMG, he really looks like young Ji Yong with his glasses on.


She points out, you’re Ji Yong! Just then, Pan Seok walks towards them. To shut her up, he kisses her! OMG.

 photo YAAS_Ep6_bc12-1_zps6e7be3e4.png

Pan Seok’s reaction to their “sudden” kiss is priceless. My gut feeling tells me that Dae Gu starts falling in love with Soo Sun, if not, he would just use his hand to cover her mouth. Hopefully Soo Sun will cooperate with him after he shares his secret, she’ll be a great valuable partner to help him solving the mystery behind his mother’s death.

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