“You’re All Surrounded” Highlight Video – Character Introduction & Screencaps

SBS aired You’re All Surrounded 7 minutes highlight video during the drama’s press conference yesterday. It’s an awesome long teaser which explains the reasons why the rookie cops decided to enter the crime investigation unit and it clearly distinguish the four rookies detectives’ personalities.

Special Investigation Unit P4: Ji Guk, Eun Dae Gu, Eo Soo Sun, Park Tae Il

Eun Dae Gu [26] (Lee Seung Gi)

IQ150, has photographic memory. Cold, doesn’t want to tell anyone about his past.  Nobody knows the real reason why he entered Special Investigation Unit.


Young Dae Gu (Ji Young) lived in Masan with his mother. He doesn’t know about his father’s existence, he wanted to quickly grow up so he can protect his mother.

Upright young man Ji Young who protected the women he loved, he explained to his first love that he’s very thankful & proud of his mother who gave birth to him & raised him as a single mother. His mother was not a mistress as this young girl previously told him. She’s touched. This young girl is … Eo Soo Sun. But he doesn’t recognize her when they meet again as rookie detectives.

Eo Soo Sun [28] (Go Ara)

Hometown: Masan.

Goal: a working member of society. She failed countless times, but she has a positive outlook towards life.

Reason she chose this department: best paycheck

Park Tae Il [28] (Ahn Jae Hyun)

Reason why he’s in this unit: he thought it would be… fun.

Ji Gook [29] (Park Jung Min)

Reason he entered this department: he ended up here because there was no spot in the traffic department that he initially applied for. He never dreamed of becoming a detective.

Hot-tempered team leader Pan Seok (Cha Seung Won) & detective Lee Eung Do (Sung Ji Roo) can’t believe it that the four rookies under their team are total newbies who don’t have any passion for their job. Pan Seok welcomes P4 to quit anytime.

Pan Seok believes their unit is about teamwork. They must trust & care for each other. Simple! If one fails, they’ll fail together.

Their “legend” team leader Pan Seok is furious with his team of newbies, he keeps telling them that they will never… ever become a real detective. Let’s prove him wrong, P4!

Chief Kang Seok Sun (Seo Yi Sook) was the driving force behind the recruitment of these young cops from Police Academy. She wants to abolish corruption. Let’s start afresh!

The first thing Kim Sa Kyung (Oh Yoon Ah) did when she saw her ex-husband Pan Seok, was to slap him. P4 were curious why and how the team leader of missing persons unit know Pan Seok?

Pan Seok’s past. He convinced Ji Young’s mother to testify (because she’s the sole witness), promised he would protect her & her son.

He failed to fulfill his promise, he failed to protect Ji Young’s mom.  This pain shaped him into who he is today.

Ji Young escaped, and he changed his name to Dae Gu.

Pan Seok doesn’t know that he’s currently working under him and is watching over him very closely. Is Pan Seok the reason he entered police force? Dae Gu wants to find his mother’s killer and avenge his revenge.

Soo Sun and Dae Gu are like mouse & cat, so Ji Gook & Tae Il decide to handcuff them together. They need to learn about teamwork here. Sometimes, they impulsively make their own decision and make a fatal mistake. Can Pan Seok have the patience to shape P4 into real detectives?

You’re All Surrounded premieres May 7 on SBS.

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